Press statement: Children demand right to active participation

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Today a Children’s Declaration of Rights has been presented to the Joint Council on Youth (JCY), which is gathered for its annual meeting at the Council of Europe. The child authors of the Declaration met this summer 2014 whilst participating in the Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS) conference in Caux, Switzerland

Child to Child stories for health education

Child to Child stories for health education  thumbnail

A series of storybooks on health education is now available for download. The short books give also ideas for activities to play with children, applying the Child to Child participatory approach.

Programme d'activités enfant à enfant en français

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Le Livre des Ressources Enfant à Enfant est enfin disponible en accès libre en livre numérique. Publié en 1992, il a été traduit en 31 langues puis réédité en 2007 pour y inclure de nouveaux modules.

Child to Child materials now available on our website

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Our Child to Child manuals are now available to download. They are designed for teachers, health workers, youth leaders and other adults wanting to facilitate participatory activities with children and young people.