Children Instrumental to the Success of the Global Goals

Children Instrumental to the Success of the SDGs  thumbnail

Following the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, our intern Klaas decided to explore the work that Child to Child is already involved in, that relates to this global agenda.

Young people tackle bullying in their college, take action in their community

Young people tackle bullying in their college  thumbnail

Earlier this year, a group of young migrants took action against bullying in their college in London, as part of our Hearing All Voices project.

Reflecting on children's participation at CATS 2015

Reflecting on child participation at CATS 2015  thumbnail

Five of our partners from Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe participated in CATS-Children as Actors for Transforming Society at the end of July 2015. For one week they exchanged views and discussed the ins and outs of children’s participation with children, young people and other child rights practitioners from around the world.

What young people from Bulgaria learnt about rights at CATS 2015

Our rights at CATS 2015 by young people  thumbnail

The is a recap of the lessons learnt from the team of the Safer Internet Center at CATS. They follow the conference’s rights-based approach to present their experiences through the rights they enjoyed during the CATS 2015 week.