Children on autism Walking Together on the Same Path

Walking Together on the Same Path  thumbnail

Young Adults of the Tu Y Yo programme, an autism awareness outreach project to Spanish-speaking immigrants in Chicago, put the emphasis on being different rather than having a disability. Recently they and the children on autism participated in the UN #DrawDisability contest.

A list of three techniques to do research with children

Four child-friendly research techniques  thumbnail

Although the common tool used in research is the questionnaire survey, it is not so relevant when we want to listen to the voices of children. Completing a pen and paper survey tool is fine for adults but inadequate for children, who need child-friendly types of techniques to express their thoughts and give open and honest responses.

3 things to know to start a radio development programme

Radio producers’ tips for making radio work for development  thumbnail

After months of working on a new programme with our partners in Sierra Leone to bring appropriate support to Ebola-affected children, our pilot educational radio programme Pikin-to-Pikin Tork will be released early April.

Children of African descent fight for their rights

Children of African descent fight for their rights  thumbnail

Celine Woznica recently travelled to Selma, Alabama, USA to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration of the civil rights marches that took place there and changed so much of her country’s racial history.