Child protection through child participation in Latin America

Promoting effective child participation to enhance child protection in Latin America  thumbnail

Since early 2014, we have worked with SOS Children’s Villages to build the capacity of their Member Associates in Latin America to promote the voice of children in issues that affect them.

'Palenques infantiles' against violence in Peru

Palenque infantil with Afro-Peruvian children  thumbnail

Started in October 2014, Palenques Infantiles is a project which encourages the organisation of AfroPeruvian children to analyse their situation, recognise their rights, and have their voices heard by society.

How children's rights in the digital age are critical

Children’s Rights in the Digital Age  thumbnail

At an LSE event recently, Sonia Livingstone discussed how fast-developing ICTs are reshaping children’s lives at a worldwide level, and how that requires that we consider children’s rights in the digital age.

Launching a children's radio project in Sierra Leone

Launching a children’s radio project in Sierra Leone  thumbnail

The PearlWorks team, in partnership with us and Pikin to Pikin, have recently been facing the challenge to set up a radio project for children in a part of the world devastated by the Ebola crisis.