Fighting Super-bugs – A Global Movement

Fighting Super-bugs – A Global Movement  thumbnail

With the help of CtC of the Americas, two grassroots institutions with long histories of implementing the CtC methodology are collaborating across the continents to tackle a global problem—microbial resistance due to antibiotic abuse.

Meet our Athletic Ambassador

Meet our Athletic Ambassador  thumbnail

Our Athletic Ambassador, Phil Mulholland, has pledged to run 550 km in the year of his 55th birthday. We look forward to supporting him in reaching his goals and celebrating his success.

"One Health" Workshop in Ecuador

“One Health” Workshop in Ecuador  thumbnail

In 2018, CtC of the Americas helped train educational and community leaders in Ecuador to engage children as partners for better health. The workshop featured the special “Educational Knapsack” developed in 2016, drawing upon indigenous stories to teach children about anti-microbial resistance.

An inspiring trip to Kisumu, Kenya

An inspiring trip to Kisumu, Kenya  thumbnail

Development Officer Jetske van Dijk writes about her first field visit to Kisumu, Kenya, where CtC is working with Blue Cross to deliver a life skills programme focused on combating substance misuse.