A father happy to see his children at school

Recently, Child to Child has held a session in Ethiopia on children’s participation, where our pilot project Getting Ready for School has had positive results of raising awareness of children’s right to education.

Since 2007, Child to Child’s initiative in Ethiopia is part of a pilot project, supported by UNICEF, in six countries: Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tajikistan, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Ethiopia - GRS


A father of two, son Babina and daughter Mitu – both of them enrolled in Primary School for the academic year of September 2009 – was particularly happy that his children attended the Child to Child session. “My children are enthusiastic about the session, they are enjoying it and the speed at which they are progressing has impressed me much,” he said. Before adding, “I have full trust and confidence in my son’s future.”

The schools and teachers, closely following the progress of Child to Child young learners and facilitators, are glad of the success of the session and ready to receive as many children as possible, in order to continue implementing the Child to Child’s step approach.


The names in the story have been changed, in accordance with our Child Protection Policy.