CATS Conference is fast approaching

July 2014

We are delighted to announce that CATS is completely sold out.

Over 350 delegates have registered including 19 delegations of children from 19 countries. Children now comprise 43% of the total participants – an amazing achievement given that this is only the second edition.

CATS 2014 is providing a unique space for children and young people to express their views and opinions on a vast range of topics, to be listened to and ultimately to become ‘actors for transforming society’.


A group of young people participating in CATS 2013.

Adults will develop their understanding of children’s agency and learn how they can support genuine participation. They will also have access to the latest ideas and tools and an opportunity to develop new skills to support and facilitate participation.

Prioritising the safety of children

Our organising teams from the three organisations are currently preparing the workshops, committees, plenary sessions, etc., to provide the 357 participants with an exciting and interesting week.

Meanwhile, the team is finalising the Child Safeguarding Policy to ensure all children are safe. Training on child safeguarding will be delivered to all staff from the Caux Palace and to all accompanying adults. The policy is designed to prevent children from all forms of psychological, sexual and physical harm.

We want participants to enjoy a week of interesting talks and challenging workshops in an atmosphere of mutual respect.