Child to Child stories for health education

October 2014

Each of these storybooks deals with a different health topic. They are intended to support science, social studies, and environmental science, home economics or health science curricula and of course, English language! Each book has been written by an experienced educationalist in conjunction with a team of health and language specialists.

Click on the title of the storybook below to download it:

  • Abdul and Seri – and how children with diarrhoea need liquid just as a flower needs water
  • Bad Medicine – and why you should never monkey about with drugs without asking a health worker
  • Cricket Land – and why playing too near the road could make you OUT for life
  • Dirty Water – and how children can look after their health through their choice of water
  • Fatima Gregoire and the Others – learning the real truth about HIV/AIDS from someone who has the virus himself and has learned to think positively
  • Half Size Health Workers – and how a young man called ‘the beard’ helped some twelve-year old ‘freedom fighters for health’ show the adults how to promote their rights
  • The Killers’ Committee – and why Mr Polio and his friends fear the older children who tell everyone about immunisation
  • The Lion Has Fever – and how the clever partridges saved his life by keeping him cool and giving him the right drinks
  • The Little Girl On The Step – and how Julio and Marta made friends with her and made sure she did well at school before she even got there
  • Not Just A Cold – and how Andrew saved the life of his baby sister because he knew the ‘signs’
  • Old Chicken Eyes – and why not eating fruit and vegetables can seriously affect your chances of catching your dinner
  • Sam and Dina – and how looking after my little sister made me a star
  • Soonam Is Hungry – what happens when she bites you, what to do then and how to stop her from spending malaria