Children united for children’s rights at CATS 2014

August 2014

In July at this year’s Children as Actors for Transforming Society conference, children from two organisations – INFANT, Peru and the Concerned for Working Children, India – developed a declaration to request that children’s rights be respected and upheld.

André-Jacques Dodin, Head of Youth Policy Division, Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Council of Europe, commended the young participants’ dedication to defending their rights. He pledged to present the declaration to the Ministers of the various national EU governments who attend meetings at the Council of Europe.

20140730_morning (6)

Written on behalf of all of the children and young people at CATS, the declaration addresses the discrimination and violence children face. The declaration also denounces violations of children’s rights and calls for peace, justice and equality in the world.

The children and young people who participated in CATS are currently reviewing the draft of the declaration, after which Dodin will officially present it to the Council of Europe.

This is just one example portraying the agency of children. It will be part of the legacy CATS leaves behind.