Day 3: Children’s passion for education, seen by a child

Yesterday CATS looked at Children as Educators. As well as the plenary, which engaged adults and older children, children aged 6-10 were able to explore this topic through dance, painting and theatre.

Tobias, 10-year-old, below reports on their various activities.


How children are passionate for teaching what they like

By Tobias

CAUX, Switzerland, 28 July 2014 – The passion of lots of children is to be educators. Here at CATS, children can participate in subjects with adults. The questions I asked the children were: “What would you like to educate others about?” and “What do you want to learn?”


Art group

Lots of the children in the art group were drawing Murphy the puppet, because they said he is fun to draw, and is funny. For them, fun and education go well together.


Theatre group

Three children told me they would like to teach theatre. They have lots of energy and are bouncy so this makes sense!


These interviews showed me that kids want to be educate others about their passion.

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