Day 5: Welsh teenagers inspired by CATS

Yesterday the CATS conference focused on children as health activists and explored the concept of health and well-being.

As it was already the 5th day at CATS, Cath and Sam from Funky Dragon in Wales had had time to reflect on their experience of the conference and decided to write a poem.


Caux palace, a place indulged in pure beauty that no photo, no words or no dream could imagine.
This place of pure beauty for a week is host to people from far and wide across the world.

Today we have been inspired
By people far and wide, yet the topics we discussed ranged which have us the opportunity to gain knowledge of good practices and the difficulty faced by others.

As we learned from them we appreciated
The work they do to train the women and the men that
Do great things in their country

Awe swept by barriers faced and overcome by young people our age and younger. The dedication and never-give-up attitude that emitted predominantly in their spoken words that motivated everyone to go the extra distance in their communities.