Meet Mina – our newest Communications Intern

I startemina-teverd my internship at Child to Child in August 2016, working as Communications Assistant. Before applying for this position, I was doing my Master’s degree in International Communications and Development at City University of London. Since I was studying this specific area, I wanted to work in a non-profit organisation to gain more experience and to deepen my knowledge of international development. When I found the opportunity with Child to Child, I was particularly attracted to the philosophy of child participation.

Child to Child’s principle of child participation means more than simply children taking part in society. The way Child to Child advocates children’s active participation, by linking learning with living and promoting reflection, is to my mind the most effective means of child participation.

This principle of child participation mainly focuses on children’s ability to offer and do much more than adults realise. Child to Child continues to lead brilliant projects which give children the chance to show what they can really do – and may desire to do – if given the chance. For instance, during the Pikin to Pikin Tok project in Sierra Leone, children became Young Journalists. These children have helped to identify stories, interview key stakeholders and record audio content in extremely challenging circumstances in an Ebola-affected area in Sierra Leone – a country where over 8,000 children were orphaned by the disease prior to the launch of the project. Through the Pikin to Pikin Tok educational radio programmes, key issues such as health and hygiene were addressed and life-saving messages were shared. At the end of the every radio broadcast, Young Listeners were encouraged to phone in to express their own opinions or share their own stories on topics as sensitive as sexual violence. I believe the Pikin to Pikin Tok project demonstrates the most powerful way we can nurture children’s abilities and give them a space to express themselves.

During my internship at Child to Child, I have been able to work with people from various different cultures. Working in such a culturally diverse environment as Child to Child has helped me to experience and learn about different cultural values. I have always felt myself to be an included, active member of the Child to Child team during my internship period and I feel lucky to have known and worked with such amazing people. While working in such a great team, I have gained experience in editing websites, creating social media content and campaigns, conducting interviews and preparing monthly newsletters.

My plan for the future is to continue working in international development within non-governmental organisations, to improve the quality of life of people living in areas of conflict and poverty. With this in mind, Child to Child has been my first source of guidance and has helped me to really explore these themes in more depth in order to achieve my career ambitions. So far, it has been a really good experience for me. If you are interested or curious about child participation and children’s rights, Child to Child would be an ideal place to turn to.