Students support Ebola-affected children in Sierra Leone

February 2016

Through their involvement in Child to Child’s Hearing All Voices project, a group of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students at the College of North West London are currently leading a project to support a home for children without parental care in the remote Kailahun District of Sierra Leone. 

As part of Child to Child’s Step Approach the students selected an issue that they were concerned about. This particular group decided to help children  without parental care as a consequence of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. During their research they learned about the high number of these children in Sierra Leone and the difficulties they face. They subsequently identified a care home that they would like to raise funds for, in the remote and impoverished district of Kailahun.


They discovered that these 51 orphaned children are being supported by one kind-hearted local in a poor and remote village in Kailahun district. She has no support from local or international agencies and is caring for these children as best she can. She has persuaded local families to provide a place for each child to sleep and she gives them all one meal a day. The local community has paid for them to go to school, but they cannot continue to do this without some outside help.

On March 1st as part of their International Day, the students at the College of North West London will run events and hold a raffle to raise money to support these children. They are hoping to raise enough money to feed and clothe them and to ensure they can stay in school. They are now looking for donations to offer as prizes. If you can offer anything, please contact us at or on 0207 612 6649.

If you would like to support this cause by buying raffle tickets, please use the email or phone number above.



Photo credits: Andrea Gordon Headshots