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Reflecting on children's participation at CATS 2015

Reflecting on child participation at CATS 2015  thumbnail

Five of our partners from Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe participated in CATS-Children as Actors for Transforming Society at the end of July 2015. For one week they exchanged views and discussed the ins and outs of children’s participation with children, young people and other child rights practitioners from around the world.

What young people from Bulgaria learnt about rights at CATS 2015

Our rights at CATS 2015 by young people  thumbnail

The is a recap of the lessons learnt from the team of the Safer Internet Center at CATS. They follow the conference’s rights-based approach to present their experiences through the rights they enjoyed during the CATS 2015 week.

CATS 2015: active participation of children and young people

CATS 2015, or the active participation of children and young people  thumbnail

The third edition of CATS – Children as Actors for Transforming Society – is soon upon us. This year the Caux Palace is welcoming 315 participants, including 168 under-25s, for a programme more participatory than ever, full of space for sharing experiences of children’s participation and debating issues of children’s rights.

Adolescents involved in the General Comment on their rights

Adolescents’ participation in the General Comment on rights of adolescents  thumbnail

Our Chair, Gerison Lansdown, has been commissioned by UNICEF to develop, on behalf of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, a General Comment on the rights of adolescents, for which she will consult adolescents at CATS Conference this summer.

Partnership between children and adults

Preparations to CATS 2015 under way  thumbnail

Preparations for CATS 2015 are now well under way. Children, young people and adults have been regularly working together on the backbones of the conference, which will focus this year on “Children & Adults, Partners for Change?”

Children demand right to full active participation

Children’s Declaration demand right to full active participation  thumbnail

A Children’s Declaration of Rights has been presented to the Joint Council on Youth (JCY), which is gathered for its annual meeting at the Council of Europe. The child authors of the Declaration met this summer 2014 whilst participating in the Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS) conference in Caux, Switzerland

Positive experience for young people from Lumos

Positive experience for young people from Lumos at CATS  thumbnail

At the second edition of CATS, in July 2014, we had the chance to welcome a delegation of 10 disabled young people from Lumos, who actively participated in the activities. They ran a workshop, discussed health issues during a plenary and acted on stage.

Children united for children's rights at CATS 2014

Children united for children’s rights at CATS 2014  thumbnail

At CATS 2014, children from INFANT, Peru and the Concerned for Working Children, India, developed a declaration to request that children’s rights be respected and upheld.