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Realising children’s right to education for gender equality

Realising children’s right to education leads to better gender equality  thumbnail

Our Paths to School Success project in Sindh province in Pakistan is having a series of positive impacts on gender equality and gender relations in the communities where we are working.

How to adapt Child to Child activities to new situations

How Child to Child activities can be adapted to new situations  thumbnail

Celine Woznica recently went to Peru to deliver Child to Child’s workshops. She came back, amazed at the participants’ resourcefulness and how the time-tested approach finds new applications and meanings when adapted to different situations.

Read Child to Child stories for health education

Child to Child stories for health education  thumbnail

A series of storybooks on health education is now available for download. The short books give also ideas for activities to play with children, applying the Child to Child participatory approach.

Programme d'activités enfant à enfant en français

Programme d’activités enfant à enfant disponible en français  thumbnail

Le Livre des Ressources Enfant à Enfant est enfin disponible en accès libre en livre numérique. Publié en 1992, il a été traduit en 31 langues puis réédité en 2007 pour y inclure de nouveaux modules.

Child to Child materials now available on our website

Child to Child manuals now available in English  thumbnail

Our Child to Child manuals are now available to download. They are designed for teachers, health workers, youth leaders and other adults wanting to facilitate participatory activities with children and young people.

Nino a Nino consulta ahora disponibles en español

Nino a Nino consulta ahora disponibles en español  thumbnail

Numeras materiales para enseñar y poner en práctica Niño a Niño actividades son ahora disponibles en libre acceso. Incluye el Libro de Consulta y cuatro historietas.

The devastating impact of Ebola on children in Sierra Leone

The devastating impact of Ebola on children in Sierra Leone  thumbnail

Our project in Sierra Leone has been deeply affected by the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Our partner in Kailahun district, Pikin-To-Pikin, have been facing the impacts of the outbreak on the communities and particularly on children.

When children participation starts with a camera

Actors and directors in the making  thumbnail

Early 2013, children actively participated in the evaluation, with Ecorys, of European policy and practice on children’s participation, as they were in charge of taking photos and videos.