Child Soldiers Initiative

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In 2013 Child to Child was commissioned by the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative to develop resources to prevent children being recruited by armed groups. We worked in collaboration with our local partner Pikin to Pikin.

Following consultation with former child soldiers, we developed resources designed to: enhance children’s understanding of the causes of conflict; how they might respond; and what they can do to prevent being being conscripted.

The resources included

  • a Teachers Activity Pack with a modular focus. Each module is made up of interactive activities, case studies, illustrations and stories. The Teachers Activity Pack contains a wealth of resources which teachers can use to support their classroom teaching and learning especially in relation to peace building and child safeguarding.
  • Four stories focusing on causes, effect and response to conflict, developed to support the Teachers Activity Pack.

The resources also include materials to enhance community and local-level child safeguarding for children at risk of recruitment.

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