ALFORJA EDUCATIVA School Health and Microbial World Part 1 & 2

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"Alforja Educativa"  (The Educational knapsack ) Part 1 analysis the problem of bacterial resistance from an integrative and multilateral perspective, starting from the understanding of the microbial world and its role in the human and planet life. This volume is part of the Educational Saddlebag "School Health and Microbial World", it contains topics: Food for Life, Air, Water

"Alforja Educativa"  (The Educational knapsack) Part 2 intends to broaden the understanding of human life as one of the interconnected threads with the other elements of nature, conceived as a living being that engenders, feeds, purifies and protects life. Part 2 contains the topics: Sumak Kawsay, Bacterial World, Proper Use of Antibiotics.

Alforja INGLES - The Educational knapsack ( English version)

La Alforja, a proposal to link boys and girls with the microbial world, and learn about the problem of resistance to antibiotics, understanding the intertwining of infinite vital relationships that exist in nature, and of which the human being is only one part. In the formal educational program,  its approach can be articulated transversally within the school curriculum or incorporated into community learning spaces.  

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