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Child to Child has its organisational roots in health education. This section has a range of activity sheets related to health, disaster risk reduction and more.

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Resource book - Activity Sheets

by Child to Child - Friday, 9 October 2020, 12:28 AM

The Child to Child Resource Book is one of the most widely used Child to Child publications. Its popularity led it to be translated and adapted into 31 languages.

This Resource Book targets practitioners, trainers, advocates of children’s participation and others. It contains Activity Sheets, which are designed to serve as a model for them to adapt and create materials that suit the context and realities specific to the countries in which they work. The process of adapting, improving and creating materials is an important vehicle through which we can deliver quality health education that encourages meaningful children’s participation in health and development. We hope this book is a valuable step in making the goal of delivering quality health education a reality for the world’s children.

PDF document 2.3 and 2.4 Growing and Eating Vegetables + Breastfeeding.pdf
PDF document 3.1 Our teeth.pdf
PDF document 3.2 Looking after our eyes.pdf
PDF document 3.3 Childrens faeces and hygiene.pdf
PDF document 3.4 Clean, safe water.pdf
PDF document 3.5 Our neighbourhood.pdf
PDF document 4.1 and 4.2- Preventing accidents + Road safety.pdf
PDF document 4.3 First Aid.pdf
PDF document 5.1 Children with disabilities.pdf
PDF document 5.2 Helping children whon do not See or Hear well.pdf
PDF document 5.3 and 6.1- Helping Children with Learning Difficulties + Caring for children with Diarrhoea.pdf
PDF document 6.10 DIABETES MELLITUS.pdf
PDF document 6.2 Caring for children who are sick.pdf
PDF document 6.3 Intestinal worms.pdf
PDF document 6.4 Immunisation.pdf
PDF document 6.5 Polio.pdf
PDF document 6.6 Cholera.pdf
PDF document 6.7 Coughs, colds, Pneumonia (A.R.I.).pdf
PDF document 6.8 Malaria.pdf
PDF document 6.9 Bird Flu.pdf
PDF document 7.1 Smoking and drugs.pdf
PDF document 7.2 Medicines.pdf
PDF document 7.3 Preventing HIV and AIDS.pdf
PDF document 8.1 and 8.2 Street Children + Institutionalised Children.pdf
PDF document 8.3 Helping children whose friends or relatives died.pdf
PDF document 8.4 Children who experience war, disaster or conflict.pdf
PDF document 9.1 How HIVAIDS affects childrens life.pdf
PDF document 9.2 No child should be alone.pdf
PDF document 9.3 Building good memories.pdf
PDF document 02 Preface and table of contents.pdf
PDF document 1.1 Playing with babies.pdf
PDF document 1.2 Play for Pre-school children.pdf
PDF document 1.3 Understanding Childrens feelings.pdf
PDF document 1.4 Helping children who do not go to school.pdf
PDF document 1.5 A place to play.pdf
PDF document 1.6 Puberty, Parenthood and Sexual Health.pdf
PDF document 2.1 Feeding children 6m-2yrs.pdf
PDF document 2.2 Feeding your children.pdf
PDF document 9.4 Helping each other to cope with loss.pdf
PDF document 9.5 protecting Inheritance and raising Funds.pdf
PDF document 9.6 Planning for the future.pdf
PDF document How to use Child to Child activity sheets.pdf
PDF document How to create an activity sheet.pdf