Life Skills Education Resources

This section has resources that illustrate the use of the Child to Child approach in promoting life skills for children while spanning themes like child protection and education. They include materials from the following projects: 

    • Hearing All Voices - our programme promoting participation in London schools in 2011. 
    • Pikin to Pikin Tok - our signature radio for education programme in Sierra Leone, developed in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

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Picture of Child to Child

Child-to-Child Training and Disaster Risk Reduction - French version: Formation Enfant pour Enfant et la Réduction des Risques des Désastres

by Child to Child - Monday, 11 January 2021, 12:56 PM

This training manual provides information and training activities for a training workshop during which participants learn how to use the Child to Child approach. In particular, this manual focuses on involving children in Disaster Risk Management and Reduction.