Early Childhood Development Resources

In this section you will find resources developed for work in Early Childhood development. This includes a comprehensive pack of materials for our flagship early learning model, Getting Ready for School, which trains older children as Young Facilitators to build school readiness for Young Learners. It also includes evaluation reports with lessons learned from implementation.

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Hanging libraries

by Child to Child - Friday, 7 May 2021, 2:30 PM

This section provides you with access to the updated ''HANGING LIBRARY BOOKS'' produced by Huge Hawes ( Co-funder of Child to Child) from material and stories developed over the years in the Child to Child programmes.

The HANGING LIBRARY books are available to download in two formats; single pages to read on the screen and printers pairs ready laid out for duplex  printing. They are set up to be printed with two pages per A4 side so that they can be folded in half and stapled through the middle. You can use ordinary paper and laminate the cover page. Many of them have colour covers and black and white illustrations inside to keep the printing costs down. Children can have fun colouring them too. All the resources are copyright free. 

By clicking on the link below you will access the ''Hanging libraries''. 

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