Child to Child Approach

In this section, we have general resources on facilitating meaningful participation for children and embedding it in programmes and practice. Here, you will find toolkits and manuals related to the award-winning Child to Child approach; the Six Step approach; and monitoring and evaluating children's participation.

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A toolkit for monitoring and evaluating children’s participation

by Child to Child - Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 10:50 PM

Written by children’s rights experts Gerison Lansdown and Claire O’Kane, this toolkit provides a conceptual framework for measuring children’s participation, for analysing its progress in a particular setting and evaluating the scope and quality of participation. It also gives practical tools to gather the information needed to monitor children’s participation. It can be used by organisations working directly with children, by child- and youth-led organisations, and by governments that are committed to fulfilling their obligations to respect children’s right to participate.