Our donors

Blue Cross Norway

Blue Cross Norway is an inter-denominational organization working in the field of treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug problems. It has over 50 local institutions in Norway offering treatment, education, housing services, job training, counseling and social networks. Blue Cross can be found in around 40 countries throughout the world, predominately in Europe and Africa – and to a lesser extent in North and South America and Asia.

Link: https://www.blakors.no/

Funded project: Life Skills Education in Kisumu, Kenya


Vitol Foundation

The Vitol Foundation is a UK-based grant-maker that aims to help children and families living in deprivation to escape the cycle of poverty and fulfil their human potential. Their focus is on supporting solutions that improve the quality of performance, promote greater inclusion, foster appropriate innovation and catalyse access to finance, all within the broader context of poverty.

Link: https://www.vitol.com/vitol-foundation/

Funded project: Getting Ready for School adaptation in Uganda


Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and inclusive democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. One of their areas of investment is early childhood education -the Open Society Foundations believe all children should have the developmental support they need, and the fullest possible educational opportunities.

Link: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/

Funded project: Getting Ready for School adaptation in Uganda


Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. They work all year round to help make their vision a reality. Their mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. Since 1985, they have raised over £1 billion, mainly through two big fundraising campaigns: Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. They spend the money raised to tackle the root causes of poverty and social injustice in the UK and across the world. They use the power and influence of their brand to raise awareness of issues where they feel they can make the biggest impact.

Link: http://www.comicrelief.com/

Funded project: Enhancing Primary Education in Sierra Leone, which was redesigned into the radio educational project Pikin to Pikin Tok


DFID – Department for International Development

The Department for International Development leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. They aim to end the need for aid by developing economic growth, unlocking the potential of girls and women and helping to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit. They work directly in 28 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Set up in 1997, DFID is a ministerial department, supported by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK and the Independent Commission for Aid Impact.

Link: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-international-development

Funded projects: Inclusive Education in Northern Uganda and Paths to School Success in Pakistan


Oak Foundation

The Oak Foundation was formally established in 1983. It commits its resources to address issues of global social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. The first two programmes to get underway were Environment and Child Abuse, followed by four other programmes – Housing and Homelessness, International Human Rights, Issues Affecting Women and Learning Differences. Since its establishment, Oak Foundation has made over 3,000 grants to not-for-profit organisations across the globe. They value partnerships, both as a funder and as a grant-maker.

Link: http://www.oakfnd.org/

Funded project: Child Rights Capacity Development programme with 60 Oak grantees from East Europe and Eastern Africa


Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation was established by Paul Hamlyn in 1987. Upon his death in 2001, he left most of his estate to the Foundation, making it one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. PHF’s mission is to help people overcome disadvantages and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. They have a particular interest in supporting young people and a strong belief in the importance of the arts.

Link: http://www.phf.org.uk/

Funded project: Hearing All Voices in London


We have completed consultancies for SOS Children’s Villages and the European Commission (for the latter, we were part of a consortium comprising Ecorys and the University of West England).

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is a global federation that works to prevent family breakdown and protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it. They work with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children, in every society, are respected and fulfilled. They are non-governmental and non-denominational. They respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where they can contribute to social development.

SOS Children’s Villages International is made up of 116 autonomous, national SOS Children’s Villages member associations.

Link: http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/

Funded project: Child protection through child participation, a multi country project across Latin America


European Commission

The European Commission is the European Union’s executive body. It represents the interests of the European Union as a whole (as opposed to the interests of individual countries). The Commission’s main roles are to: set objectives and priorities for action; manage and implement EU policies and the budget; propose legislation; enforce European law (where necessary with the help of the Court of Justice of the EU); and represent the Union outside Europe (negotiating trade agreements between the EU and other countries, for example.).

Link: http://ec.europa.eu/

Funded project: Assessment of children’s participation in 28 European countries