Our vision and mission

Every day, children across the world are suffering the effects of abuse, neglect and poverty. Many children’s lives are characterised by physical, emotional and sexual violence and abuse, Female Genital Mutilation, early marriage and childbirth, forced labour, trafficking, and other fundamental violations of human rights and dignity. Other children, whilst loved, may go hungry, victims of famine, conflict and other situations beyond their control.

The institutions established to nurture and protect them (for example families, schools, health clinics) are often the very source of harm. Not recognised as competent actors, seen only as adults-in-waiting, children are victims of their circumstances rather than agents of change.

A Young Facilitator working with Young Learners in a Child to Child project in India.

A Young Facilitator working with Young Learners in a Child to Child project in Bangladesh.

We believe that given the chance, children can play a critical role in solving the problems they face. When children work together, they can change their world. Children’s participation is a key means through which children can realise their rights and Child to Child works to promote it.

Our vision

is of a world where children are empowered to participate in the realisation of their rights.

Our mission

is to create spaces where children and young people are listened to and taken seriously in the exercise of their rights.

Our values

  • we put children and young people at the heart of what we do
  • we listen to and take seriously the perspectives and views of young people
  • we respect children and young people as agents of change
  • we acknowledge and respect children and young people’s evolving capacities
  • we are committed to the safety of children and young people at all times
  • we seek to work equitably and inclusively with all children and young people
  • we are honest, transparent and accountable to all of our stakeholders, including children
  • we provide value for money in all that we do
  • we ensure that our work is sustainable and replicable


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