How Young Facilitators become more confident through our Sierra Leone project

In Kailahun District, Sierra Leone, Child to Child has been implementing an ‘Increasing Access, Retention and Performance in Primary Education’ project since 2011. It is a child-participatory project which has been successful in raising the involved children’s self-confidence.

Young learners with our project partner Pikin to Pikin in Kailahun district, Sierra Leone.

Young learners with our project partner Pikin to Pikin in Kailahun district, Sierra Leone.



12 years old

“I like teaching Young Learners. I have been working with two Young Learners, who are my neighbours, for six months. I enjoy singing rhymes to them. Before I was shy, but now it has made me more confident.”



12 years old

“I love being a Young Facilitator! Teaching others is helping me learn more things and my learning skills have improved. Also, before I was shy but now I am confident.

The Young Facilitators are treated the same by the teachers. I have taught the Young Learners their letters, numbers and how to draw – they like to draw. I find teaching them rhymes easy, maths less so. When Young Learners are finding it hard, I repeat the lessons and encourage them.”



12 years old

“I am happy to be teaching younger children, to help the younger ones grow in knowledge.

The Young Learners especially enjoy singing the rhyme ‘One Little Finger’. I love story telling. Teaching is helping me improve my own learning skills and my reading has improved. I would like to work in an office when I grow up.”



13 years old

“I am happy that the Young Learners cooperate; they are fast learners. I work with two Young Learners who live in my household. I like teaching them numbers.

I enjoy being a Young Facilitator because the teachers delegate responsibility and so I am growing up to be a more responsible child. This feels good. I don’t feel that there is any difference between the girl and boy Young Facilitators.”


The names have been changed, in accordance with our Child Protection Policy.