A Marathon Walk for children’s right to participate in society

On 21 June 2015 the Child to Child team will enjoy a 10 km walk along the Thames in support of children’s right to participate in society and in all matters which affect them. We invite you to join our team to help ensure girls and boys are listened to and taken seriously across the globe.


We are official partners of the Consortium for Street Children, the umbrella organisation setting up the Marathon Walk, together with Children Unite, the Moroccan Children’s Trust, ViaNinos UK, Street Invest, Amazing Children Uganda and Amos Trust.

The funds raised will benefit our programmes across the globe, such as our new educational radio programme in Sierra Leone, or our early childhood education in Pakistan.

Our director Tricia Young recently wrote: “We know that children have far more to offer and can do much more than adults realise. It is essential that we create space and opportunities for them to exercise their fundamental right to take action on matters which affect them and – in so doing – unlock their potential.”

We share this aspiration to see children recognised as active citizens, so we will walk for their rights on Sunday 21 June. Will you join our team?


To join us, follow these steps:

1.     Invite your friends and family to join you in the 10K walk – you can also choose to do the 21K or 42K.

For £20 per adult and £10 per child (donated to the Consortium for Street Children), you will enjoy a nice summer day among friends and family, strolling along the Thames and stopping by in cosy cafés on the way.

2.     Register on the CSC website here, or here for group registering.

3.     Start raising money for us within your networks to ensure children are listened to and taken seriously across the globe. Nothing’s easier, just click here.