Highlighting Resources: Early Learning, COVID-19 and Child Rights

From the Getting Ready for School pilot in Ethiopia

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Child to Child Resource Centre, which h0uses a carefully curated wealth of resources related to children’s participation, created over four decades of work.

Some of the key resources we would like to highlight for practitioners are:

  1. Comprehensive, revised materials for “Getting Ready for School,” our innovative, high-impact, low-cost early childhood development programme. Originally launched in six pilot countries with the support of UNICEF in 2007, since then GRS has been seen to be effective in diverse contexts for children without access to early learning opportunities. Based on a signature Child to Child model of older children (Young Facilitators) teaching younger children, (Young Learners), its defining characteristic is the direct GRS works to increase school readiness as well as on-time enrolment for Young Learners, while also building important leadership and socioemotional skills for their Young Facilitators. GRS materials were revised in 2020 and are available on the Early Childhood Development section of the Resource Centre. They consist of:
  • A Revised Strategic Framework, offering implementation guidance.
  • Practical Guide Booklets 1-3, to be used for and by the Young Facilitators. This contains content from what was previously the Teachers Guide, YFs Guide, Parents’ Guide and YFs Training Guide.
  • Young Learners Activity Pack (complete)
  • 18 supplementary storybooks

2. A newly created set of resources to support the COVID-19 response. As an urgent response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Child to Child network of technical experts and practitioners collaborated to produce a set of resources to support children and communities to navigate through this difficult time. There are 10 messages spanning information about COVID-19, prevention, stigma, feelings, child safety, learning – in all of which children can play an active role in their families, communities and with their peers. They are available in the dedicated COVID-19 Response section and consist of:

  • A COVID-19 Children’s Resource
  • A Facilitators’ Resource for caregivers and teachrs
  • 10 Children’s leaflets

3. An e-learning course on Child Rights Capacity Development. This is designed to help organisations and their staff improve children’s lives and prospects through the application of a Child Rights-based approach to their work. The course is intended for anyone who is working with and for children, or whose work impacts upon children’s lives. It does not require any prior knowledge of Child Rights Principles and standards. It is available in the Child Rights Organisational Development section. 

We hope these will prove to be valuable to you and your organisation. Happy exploring!