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Notes from Sierra Leone

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In July 2016, Child to Child Director Tricia Young visited our flagship educational radio project, Pikin to Pikin Tok, in Sierra Leone. This is the first in a series of personal reflections from the field.

Pikin to Pikin Tok and BBC "Ebola Voices"

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“Pikin to Pikin Tok”  radio series editor, Penny Boreham, travelled from the UK to Sierra Leone to record a BBC World Service documentary called “Ebola Voices.” Read about her reflections on the power of audio – and the joy of connecting voices with the faces of young storytellers.

Mariama's story

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“The problems we have are because of Ebola. When Ebola came we suffered so much. My mother became ill and died and nobody came near me as they were afraid that I was infected by the virus….

Aminata's story

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“She was just bleeding in front of me,” said Mohammed, a staff member of our local partner Pikin to Pikin (which means Child to Child in Krio). Aminata, only 14 years old, had just been gang raped by four men….

Tamba's story

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“It is really difficult to go to school, but I want to because I want to have an education. Since Ebola, I cannot read the blackboard very well. It even hurts to walk to school. My parents do not know what to do with me…

Mr Sahr's story

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In Mr Sahr’s primary school, two girls aged 13 have become pregnant in the last two months. “In this very rural area, parents are forced to send their young children away to school. But they do not give them enough money to buy food and school …

Recovering from Ebola, children make radio programmes

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We are delighted to announce that our educational radio programme has been approved by the Sierra Leonean government last month and has now aired on radio channels in Kailahun.

3 things to know to start a radio development programme

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After months of working on a new programme with our partners in Sierra Leone to bring appropriate support to Ebola-affected children, our pilot educational radio programme Pikin-to-Pikin Tork will be released early April.