Press and publications

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Our projects:

Pikin to Pikin Tok

The Circle: “Pikin to Pikin Tok: A radio project for girls’ self esteem”

Enabling Education Review: “‘Pikin to Pikin Tok’: A participatory and child-friendly radio for education programme in Sierra Leone”

Huffington Post: “Pikin To Pikin Tok – The Power Of Participation For Unlocking Girls Potential”

UNGEI case study: “Child Centred Radio Project in Kailahun District, Sierra Leone”


Getting Ready for School

UNICEF: “Getting Ready for School: A child-to-child approach”

Hearing All Voices

Learning for Well-being Magazine: “Hearing All Voices – Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable Youth: The power of participation”


Quilliam research on unaccompanied child refugees:

Report: “REFUGE: Pathways of Youth Fleeing Extremism


Child to Child of the Americas

Centro Niño a Niño: “Alforja Educativa, Salud Escolar y Mundo Microbiano”

Global Education Magazine: “Building Resilience Through the Child-to-Child Approach”

INFANT Peru – Spanish version: “Pedagogía de la Ternura” – Un nombre apacible para un poderoso evento

INFANT Peru – English version: “Pedagogy of Tenderness” – A Gentle Name for a Powerful Conference

Our expertise:

Eden Stanley: “Seen and not heard”

European Commission: “Evaluation of legislation, policy, and practice on child participation in the European Union (EU)” (2005)

European Institute of Education and Social Policy: “Child to Child – Tricia Young”

Global Citizen: “Six reasons to speak out against climate change”

The Guardian: “Being a street child is not a crime”

The Guardian: “14 routes to better education in Pakistan”

Opinion Internationale: “Governments must recognise children as a vulnerable group to sexual violence in conflict”

Opinion Internationale: “Keeping Participation on the Child Rights Agenda”

Pearl Works Productions: “Seeing out the unsung heroes”


Our methodology:

Ace Africa: “Ace Child-to-Child Clubs: a success story from Siaya, Kenya”

Enabling Education Network: “Using the Child-to-Child Approach to Identify Pupils with Poor Eye-sight: An Example from Pakistan”

IADIS International Journal: “The Child-to-Child (C2C) Method: Participatory Design for, with and by Children in a Children’s Museum”

Indian Journal of Community Medicine: “When Child Becomes a Teacher – The Child to Child Programme”

Institute of Development Studies: “The Child to Child Approach in Community Led Total Sanitation”

Institute of Development Studies: “Child-to-Child Hygiene Behavior Change (Bangladesh)”

PEPY Empowering Youth: “Child-to-Child Clubs”

Physiopedia: “Child to Child Approach with Cerebral Palsy”