Getting Ready for School in Yemen


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What did we do?

Yemen is a country characterised by low primary school enrolment and retention rates. Children have limited or no access to pre-school services. The Getting Ready for School programme thus played a significant role in improving educational access for children. We provided material resources to support teachers work, including:

  • Stationary and stories in 15 schools, which helped teachers make classes more enjoyable and attractive and apply what they learnt in the training.
  • Cupboards in 34 classes to keep the stories, so that children could easily access and read them.
  • Alphabet booklets in 36 schools, which helped enhance children’s literacy skills.
  • Stationary case, with shapes sets and stories, to 401 Young Facilitators, which facilitated their learning and increased their motivation.

What have we achieved?SAM_0634 (Copy)

About 1,650 Young Learners, all from poor backgrounds with no opportunities for pre-school education, have entered primary school on time. Increased enrolment has been reported in all of the 15 participating project schools.

As a result of the programme, the Young Learners were confident, motivated and had good foundations in language, numeracy and literacy, social and emotional skills when starting school. Young facilitators also increased their self-confidence along with their self-esteem and enhanced their learning.

Finally, 34 teachers have acquired knowledge and skills on early childhood development (ECD). The project succeeded in building stronger relations between schools, families and community.


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