Communicating the power of children – CtC consultant Cristiana

By Cristiana Montani Natalucci 

cristianaAs an Italian Senior Communications and Project Manager with more than 20 years’ experience in managing communication projects, my recent professional experience in Italy is now within the human rights sector. I have always worked for national and international communication agencies, such as Weber Shandwick, where I have developed and managed 360° projects and through which I have gained a thorough knowledge of traditional and digital media. Alongside my consultancy work for Child to Child, I am responsible for managing communication and institutional health projects at Cittadinanzattiva, an independent organisation that promotes and protects citizens’ rights in Italy and across Europe.

I first became involved with Child to Child in the summer of 2016. It was an exciting time, as I was leading a new team of Communications interns. We quickly set to work building on the communications function of Child to Child. My first main goal was to write a communications handbook to provide a strategic direction for different communication activities including press activities, advocacy, project management and digital PR.

From the very beginning, I enjoyed working with my colleagues at Child to Child because discussions and meetings were always stimulating and full of ideas. I loved offering my expertise, as Child to Child’s aim is ultimately to improve children’s rights and we have all been children! Children are the future and I was and continue to be very happy in sharing all my professional capabilities with the Child to Child team. After an engaging month spent at Child to Child, I moved back to Rome from where I continue to offer my support via Skype and email. Due to the convenience of modern technology, we don’t have to be based in the same city, or even the same country to be able to work together – something that I know all too well as a Communications professional! It’s exciting to continue to reach out to the team with my ideas and problem-solving advice, assisting the organisation with their communications-based needs.When I was looking for UK-based work I was fully aware that the area Child to Child operates in would be perfectly suited to my skills and interests. Child to Child’s mission and values are highly innovative and its outlook is extraordinary: when children work together, they can change their world!

Working at CtC has given me greater awareness about the fact that the communications field is the most powerful tool available in the professional world. Through communications, you have the means to endorse powerful values and as responsible, socially conscious global citizens, we can really engage with important issues such as children’s rights. When I started working with Child to Child, I immediately understood that I was lending my professional expertise to the most important of all global causes: children’s right to be heard and to be happy in their lives. My work with Child to Child has been an enlightening period of my life and from now on, my mission will always be to contribute to work that promotes social engagement, responsibility and peace.

I strongly recommend working with Child to Child – whatever your background. The people working there are fantastic and, above all, there is a huge amount of knowledge and passion for the concept of children’s participation. Child to Child is a leading organisation in its field; highly valued in the human rights’ sector and a champion within the field of child participation. If you’re looking for an experience in relation to human rights and social development, this is definitely the place to work.

Being able to create beauty, passion and positive, real, effective change – even in our work – is the best way to raise our own quality of life. I’m truly proud to be working towards the empowerment and the well-being of vulnerable children worldwide through my work with Child to Child.