En route to CATS Conference!

May 2014

Children as Actors for Transforming Society, more commonly known as CATS, is a unique space where children, young people and adults work together in mutual respect towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable society, where all can realise their fundamental human rights and potential. Over six days, the Caux Palace in Switzerland becomes a meeting place for a community of advocates fighting for the rights and well-being of children. Follow this link to learn more about the history and mission of CATS.

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Follow the Conference news on Twitter: @CATS_Caux CATS As of this week, the Conference is now open for registrations! Participants can stay for the whole week or for a couple of events, depending on their interests and needs. Coming to CATS will in any cases be a powerful learning experience. Indeed,

  • children develop their expertise as advocates, so they can go back to their own communities with will power and skills to make a positive difference;
  • adults are equipped with cutting edge ideas and practices on children’s participation, which enables them to work with meaningful partnership with children to bring about change; and
  • both children and adults understand together the contribution that each can make to realise children’s fundamental human right to participate in transforming society and realising their unique potential.

The CATS conference wants to change the world in four ways:

Connecting: Together, we are stronger

Connecting all people and organisations in the world that are working on the participation of children and young people. Offering them a space to learn from each other and to find a common voice. During and after CATS, people including youth as advocates and organisations will create networks, making it easier to stay in contact later and exchange ideas on specific topics regarding children’s participation.

Cross-sector: Children don’t grow up in separate boxes

Support different sectors with impact in children’s lives – like health, education, economy – in working together. Help them find a common language for child participation.

Mainstreaming: Nothing about us, without us

Make child participation a reality everywhere. Support people, organisations and countries in finding the best ways to listen to children and involve them in decisions that affect them.

Showcasing: Live a real experience

All people attending CATS have the willingness to make the world a better place, especially with and for children and young people. The CATS ambiance is one that includes meeting interesting people, having deep conversations and learning something new. The safety of this space means that people can be candid and accepted as they are and not be judgmental of others. Unique life experiences make a child and a young person who they are.

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To learn more about it, you can read our Booklet 10 things you should know about the CATS conference