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Life in Sierra Leone - An interview with Pikin to Pikin Tok Project Manager Bella

Life in Sierra Leone – an interview with Pikin to Pikin Tok Project Manager Bella  thumbnail

An interview account of the experiences, challenges and successes working in the remote district of Kalaihun, Sierra Leone on Child to Child’s groundbreaking children’s radio education project Pikin to Pikin Tok following the Ebola outbreak.

Ace Africa - Tackling HIV/AIDS through Child to Child clubs

Tackling HIV/AIDS through children’s clubs  thumbnail

Child to Child clubs in Tanzania and Kenya run by Ace Africa based on child participation and engagement are enabling children to tackle the serious issue of HIV/AIDS through educational and drama-based clubs and activities. The clubs have been an innovative way of enabling young people to support each other in coping with challenges.


Meet Mina - our newest Communications Intern

Meet Mina – our newest Communications Intern  thumbnail

Meet Child to Child’s newest intern, Mina – a recent graduate from City University of London with a Master’s in International Communications and Development. Mina was particularly attracted to Child to Child’s philosophy of child participation and how this approach advocates much more than children simply being able to take part within society.

Children leading the way at the international INFANT conference in Lima

“Pedagogy of Tenderness” conference  thumbnail

Director of Child to Child of the Americas, Dr Celine Woznica attended the international INFANT conference in Lima – three days of presentations, songs, skits, and workshops designed for and emceed by children with a commitment to continue a “Pedagogy of Tenderness” to make possible a world where children’s rights are recognised and promoted.

Welcoming child refugees means listening to them

Welcoming child refugees  thumbnail

Following the arrival of unaccompanied refugee children from France, the need to build child inclusive policies and enable child participation is more crucial than ever.

Notes from Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Diaries  thumbnail

In July 2016, Child to Child Director Tricia Young visited our flagship educational radio project, Pikin to Pikin Tok, in Sierra Leone. This is the first in a series of personal reflections from the field.

Des enfants élaborent leurs propres solutions pour changer leur vie

Des enfants élaborent leurs propres solutions pour changer leur vie  thumbnail

Aimé et James, du Mouvement Africain des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs (MAEJT), nous racontent le travail de leur organisation, qui est dirigée par des enfants et jeunes. Le MAEJT a pour but de donner a ces enfants la possibilité de trouver leurs propres solutions à leurs problèmes, et ainsi changer leur vie.

Children find their own solutions to change their lives

Children set up their own solutions and change their lives  thumbnail

Aimé and James, from the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY), discuss the work of their organisation, which is led by working children and young people. AMWCY is designed to give those children the opportunity to find solutions to the problems they face and change their lives.