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CATS 2015: active participation of children and young people

CATS 2015, or the active participation of children and young people  thumbnail

The third edition of CATS – Children as Actors for Transforming Society – is soon upon us. This year the Caux Palace is welcoming 315 participants, including 168 under-25s, for a programme more participatory than ever, full of space for sharing experiences of children’s participation and debating issues of children’s rights.

Children in Harmony with Microbes in CtC Ecuador project

Child-to-Child Ecuador Project for Harmony with Microbes  thumbnail

On June 11-12, 2015 in Cuenca, Ecuador the Centro Niño-a-Niño (Child to Child Centre) will be hosting a seminar-workshop to share its new educational toolkit on Educational Knapsack: Student Health and the Microbial World.

A list of three techniques to do research with children

Four child-friendly research techniques  thumbnail

Although the common tool used in research is the questionnaire survey, it is not so relevant when we want to listen to the voices of children. Completing a pen and paper survey tool is fine for adults but inadequate for children, who need child-friendly types of techniques to express their thoughts and give open and honest responses.

Adolescents involved in the General Comment on their rights

Adolescents’ participation in the General Comment on rights of adolescents  thumbnail

Our Chair, Gerison Lansdown, has been commissioned by UNICEF to develop, on behalf of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, a General Comment on the rights of adolescents, for which she will consult adolescents at CATS Conference this summer.

Realising children’s right to education for gender equality

Realising children’s right to education leads to better gender equality  thumbnail

Our Paths to School Success project in Sindh province in Pakistan is having a series of positive impacts on gender equality and gender relations in the communities where we are working.

How to adapt Child to Child activities to new situations

How Child to Child activities can be adapted to new situations  thumbnail

Celine Woznica recently went to Peru to deliver Child to Child’s workshops. She came back, amazed at the participants’ resourcefulness and how the time-tested approach finds new applications and meanings when adapted to different situations.

Partnership between children and adults

Preparations to CATS 2015 under way  thumbnail

Preparations for CATS 2015 are now well under way. Children, young people and adults have been regularly working together on the backbones of the conference, which will focus this year on “Children & Adults, Partners for Change?”

Children demand right to full active participation

Children’s Declaration demand right to full active participation  thumbnail

A Children’s Declaration of Rights has been presented to the Joint Council on Youth (JCY), which is gathered for its annual meeting at the Council of Europe. The child authors of the Declaration met this summer 2014 whilst participating in the Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS) conference in Caux, Switzerland