Confident girls

“The problems we have are because of Ebola. When Ebola came we suffered so much. My mother became ill and died and nobody came near me as they were afraid that I was infected by the virus.

“When my mother died people were calling that I was an Ebola child. I felt so bad. They were calling me names. I feel better now because there is no more Ebola and now the friends who would not play with me are playing with me again.

“My friends don’t talk about my mother now because they know that when they talk about her, I feel bad and I remember what happened.

“After my mother died, I was left at my grannies. She is looking after me well. But I have not seen my father since my mother was sick. He went to Guinea and has not come back. When people ask him about my whereabouts, he says that his child died during Ebola.”

Ebola has left children bereft. Families have been torn apart. Pikin to Pikin Tok creates a safe environment where children can share their personal experiences of loss and trauma. They show huge empathy, sensitively addressing the devastation that has impacted the whole nation.

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Photo credit: David Walker, ODI.