Mr Sahr

Girls in streets

In Mr Sahr’s primary school, two girls aged 13 have become pregnant in the last two months.

“In this very rural area, parents are forced to send their young children away to school. But they do not give them enough money to buy food and school materials. Many of these boys and girls do extra domestic work for adults around the town so they can earn funds to survive…

“With girls this can take an unpleasant turn. You see them walking alone in the street late at night. They have no option but to start ‘playing in the bedroom’ with men. Girls’ parents are not paying enough attention so they end up pregnant or with serious injuries.”

In the wake of Ebola, attacks on young girls have risen alarmingly. Teenage pregnancies have rising by 400% in the last year.

Our radio project is helping girls understand the risks of sexual violence and what they can do to keep themselves and each other safer.

We are still listening. Will you? Learn more about our appeal and watch a short film here.

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Photo credit: Michael Duff.