“It is really difficult to go to school, but I want to because I want to have an education. Since Ebola, I cannot read the blackboard very well. It even hurts to walk to school. My parents do not know what to do with me!”

Tamba, 14, is of the lucky ones. He survived Ebola. However, like other survivors, he is experiencing a range of complications, including sight and hearing impairments and serious joint pain.

In a context where day to day survival is already tough, there are very real concerns about how children with disabilities like Tamba will thrive long term and whether they will receive the support they need from parents who are already struggling.

Amputees were often in the headlines during the brutal Civil War. Now we are seeing a new generation of children with disabilities, post Ebola. But this time there are no headlines. Our radio project is working to change attitudes and help children like Tamba stay in school.

We are still listening. Will you? Learn more about our appeal and watch a short film here.

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Photo credit: Michael Duff.